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VISTIVE — Better for You

Better for Consumers and Food Companies

High Oleic, Low linolenic oil from VISTIVE oilseed rape enables food companies to reduce saturated fat levels in fried or processed foods and eliminate trans fats.

Better for Farmers


VISTIVE is in demand because more people are concerned about eating healthily. Consumers are switching to lower saturated fat foods and versions of their favourite products, following greater awareness of the adverse effects of high levels of saturated fat or trans fats in their diets.

The Food Standards Agency and food companies are working together to reduce saturated fat levels in food and to increase awareness of nutrition by labeling.  As a result, food companies are switching to healthier oils to meet consumer demands  and the new standards for health and diet.


To meet high standards in Quality Assurance and Traceability, ensuring complete confidence throughout the food chain, farmers are being offered a premium on every tonne of VISTIVE oilseed rape that meets the contract specification.


VISTIVE oilseed rape gives farmers the opportunity to grow a crop for a specific food market, designed to meet a food processing need. VISTIVE farmers form a vital part of a food supply chain that guarantees crop quality and traceability from field to food product, separate from the volume crush market.


VISTIVE oilseed rape is currently stewarded by 5 distributors in the UK, working closely with the major crushers, and providing expert guidance and professional advice to ensure that each crop meets its potential and that stringent quality standards are met.


With new generation genetics and advanced conventional breeding technologies bringing the first VISTIVE hybrids into the field this season, to stand alongside the more established current VISTIVE  varieties,  farmers can choose to join the VISTIVE programme confident that field performance standards are consistently improving and delivering a real financial benefit from their fields.

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